Rosie is a  superb addition I added to my breeding program. Rosie is a Double Blue Eyed  red tri with tons of bone, personality, great conformation, dark copper, super profile, and the list keeps going on and on.   She comes from a long line of blue eyed tris and Champions.  Rosie is 11.75" and she will definitely follow in her parents foot steps as both ASDR champions.She is a super producer and she has turned into a beautiful adult.   She has produced an ASDR Best Puppy in her first litter and has a Super litter on the ground now.  She has produced four blue eyed tries out of six puppies.  

Bella is double blue eyed tri that has produced a double blue eyed tri in her first litter.  Bella has the best personality  and loves to play, play, play.  She comes from a long line of BET's, sire by a double blue eyed tri and many champions in her pedigree.  Her conformation is excellent.  She has perfect ear set, scissor bite, nice bone, good profile, and nice copper.  Bella is 11.5" She has fit right into this breeding program.

Parson's Bella Blue At Beartooth
​Level 2 Champion Fullerton's Rose In The Beartooths
Aussie Panel Clear 
Non-Cryptic Merle
Red Factored

Aussie Panel Clear
Non-Cryptic Merle

Will be shown at the next show.  She couldn't make to the last one due to puppies. 
Iris is a Fabulous double blue eyed tri by my Championed Cool Hand Luke and Fullerton's Rose In the Beartooths.  She is stamped with that Luke look, awesome topline, head, and ear set.  She has that tremendous movement, and lets not forget the double blue eyes.  With Fullerton Dragon Slayer and Cool Hand Luke in her pedigree, she is no doubt going to ge a tremendous producer.  She is  around 12.5" at one year and be a super producer. 

​Sorry about the muddy pic, but i couldn't refuse taking 
her pic. It was melting and warm here that day. 

WOW what an awesome profile!!!

Not For Sale:

Aussie Panel Clear through parentage
Non-Cyptic through parentage
Red Factored
Level Two Champion Beartooth's Eye of the Dragon-Iris
Level Two Champion Beartooth's Tuff Enuf
Dam-11" - Picture isat 6 months of age
Button is by my Ch. Cool Hand Luke and out of a female that I use to own, Betty.   Betty's parents are both Championed. Button has a tremendous head, ear set, that Luke Bone, scissor bite, and awesome personality.  Button is 10.75" at 11 months of age and won't be getting much bigger.  I just can't say enough about this young stud prospect. His dam is by a CH. red blue eyed tri that is 12" with great bone and conformation. Betty's mom is a Ch. blue merle that is 13" with nice bone and conformation also.  Button has a tremendous pedigree that will be passed to the next generation. 

I am looking forward to see what he sires. 

​Aussie Panel Clear 
Non-Cryptic Merle

I am sorry, he is shaved in the bottom  picture. Look at the Head and Ear Set!  All on 11.0".  

Will be standing this little boy to the public

Will be shown the summer of 2021
Level Two Champion Coolwaters Dragon Lair
Draggy is an awesome double blue eyed tri male by my previous stud, Dragonator and out of a Rim Fire female. His bloodline speak for them self.  Draggy has two blue eyes, perfect angulation, full collar, great head and ear set, scissor bite, flat top line, scissor biter and great angulation.  He has an friendly personality and gets along with everyone. Draggy is a hair over 12.5” at 10.5 months of age.  I can't wait to see what he will sire. 

Aussie Panel Clear
Red Factored

Level 2 Champion Beartooths Lady Of The Night
Here is an excellent example of a small toy at under 11".  Her sire is my old sire Ch. Cool Hand Luke and her mom is my double blue eyed tri  Bella.  Lady sacks out correct, has a good topline, Luke's awesome face, correct ear set, scissor bite, and dark copper.  You couldn't ask for a nicer small toy.  Pictures at 11 months of age and wickets just a hair under 11".

Not For Sale:

Red factored
Non cryptic
Aussie Panel Clear

Expecting a litter by Coolwaters Dragon Lair
Very High probability of blue eyed tris. 
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Color Country's Puttin On The Ritz
Ritzi is a Super example of how an Aussie should look.  She has perfect ear set, good bone, stacks naturally, good head and neck, and look at her superior top line and angulation.  We can't forget about her beautiful bold marking and extreme copper that adds to her eye appeal. She is so attractive and has the best personality. 

I am very excited to add her to my breeding program. 

Ritzi will be shown at the next show I attend. 

She was born the first of July, so it will be awhile before we can see her puppies. 
Beartooth's Easter Lily is a beautiful red tri female that has the best personality.  She never meets a stranger and loves all animals.  Easter Lily is sired by my old stud Dragonator and our of Level Two Champion Fullerton Rose In The Beartooths.  Easter Lily has awesome conformation with everything put together correctly. I sold her as a puppy and just begged to buy her back. 

Aussie Panel Clear 
Non Cryptic 
Beartooth's Easter Lily